The move to the UK

Well, Iet me start at the beginning, as most of you don’t know why I am moving to the UK.

In 2004 my husband passed away and left me with 4 children ages 21, 20, 17 and 14 and totally bankrupt. No will or life policy!!! I was devastated!!

He work for Department of Education and I received a Government Pension payout and my sister-in-law in Scotland invited my daughter Hailey to come and au-pair for her. I gave my daughter the money and told her to spread her wings and fly!! She did!!

She met and married her husband Peter and they now have a little girl called Lily who has just turned one on the 24th December.

I went over to Callender for the birth of Lily in 2012. What a lovely little town. Hailey’s in-laws own the Scottish Hostel and they invited me to come and work for them. (

My mom was born British and so I applied for my Ancestral Visa. Within 4 days my visa was approved!!!

I resigned from work with my last working day being the 28th February and right of access to the UK starting from the 1st March. I am just waiting to sort my house out and sell all my stuff off , including my car then I will be on the plane and off to the UK to start my new life.

I had such an overwhelming response from my email informing everyone I was leaving.

I just want to thank everybody for such kind words and send out a link to a new pattern. It’s a lovely crochet ladies top.

Thank you all once again. Vivian


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