The move to the UK…

Hi all,

Well last weeks blog finally went out after trying to find all the right buttons to press. lol!!! Sorry if you got some junk in error!!!

Thanks once again for all the lovely messages and I hope you all were able to download the pattern.

This week, is one of suspense as my house is going up for auction on Thursday. I am expecting a good response and the beginning of everything falling into place, so I can make the final move. There are still a lot of things to do e.g. sell my car and the contents of my flat and lastly to say my final goodbyes. (I hate goodbyes!!!)

Our Winter 2014 launch went off very well and we saw some lovely garments on the catwalk. I am so excited about our new winter range of wool. We brought back the sock wool, a new 100% wool and a few new creations which I am sure you will all be excited about.

Our reps are busy doing the rounds now to the wool shop and I am sure by the end of the month you can visit your wool shops and see the new range.

Here is a nice gile (waistcoat – no sleeves)

Have a great day and Happy Knitting!!!


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