The move to the UK – 3rd week!!

Well this week my house got sold. So it seems like I are making progress. It will take about 6 weeks for the sale to come through, which will be at the end of March, but that’s ok because I am quite confident that everything will fall into place, as I am planning to leave around about the 7th April.

I listed my car for sale on the internet and a few other things.

I am thinking of buying a plot at the sea and building a wooden home on it then rent it out while I am away. My parents live at this village and can manage it for me.

We introduced the new sock loom at work and I had to quickly make a pattern instruction leaflet for the loom, for some reason the factory did not include this in the box. I came up with a sock pattern and a fingerless glove as well as an infinitive scarf. So look out for it in the wool shops.

2014-02-12 09.56.05

Little Lily is getting so big and has started to walk already. She is so cute and the apple of granny’s eye. I cant wait to see this little Sugar Plum!!!

I finish up at work this Friday so its going to be a long day. Here is a pattern to download

Enjoy and chat when I am in the UK.


4 thoughts on “The move to the UK – 3rd week!!

  1. Hi Vivian – this is telepathy. You were on my mind yesterday and I wanted to make contact but did not want to be a nuisance as I know you are very busy. So glad that all is working out to plan and isn’t Lily a beautiful little girl. Thanks, once again, for a lovely pattern and looking forward to more.. Keep well. Regards – Shirley

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